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We can do wheel decontamination, paint and metal compounding and polishing, as well as ceramic coatings. All of this work is best to do with wheels off your vehicle. Although we can do them on the vehicle, but only usually committ up to the face of the wheel, not the inner barrell. This is why bringing in your new wheels, before installation, for coating is the best way to have this done. Same goes for seasonal sets of wheels…bring your summer wheels in for cleaning and coating during winter!

Decontamination removes brake dust, tar and road grime. Compounding and polishing removes oxidization and some light to moderate scratching. Coatings can help reduce the permanent bonding of brake dust and road contaminant on your wheels.

Looking for new wheels? We’ve just recently become a dealer for VMR Performance Luxury Alloy Wheels. Made to meet or exceed industry standards. In most cases VMR wheels are lighter than stock as well. Truly beautiful wheel set ups with a stunning website that shows hi-res pictures of great application for a variety of vehicles. Click on the picture for their website link and email us with your inquiry!

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