We’re Now an Optimum Distributor!

Being the first and only Opticoat Pro installer in Central Canada means we have a vast knowledge base of the products they offer. These products are voc compliant, affordable, very safe to use, incredibly effective and very efficient. We have proudly just become an Optimum distributor which means we have more available stock for the following [...]

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Optimum No Rinse – All Pros and No Cons!

The following is an overview of why ONR is better and safer then soap will ever be. Lubrication -  ONR lubricates through all phases of washing, washing with soap provides lubrication while the suds are on the paint, but then it gets rinsed off, and the drying process has no protection. Water is by [...]

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Ceramic Paint Coatings for the Win!

The owner of this fine piece of art has had all of his cars cosmetically maintained by us. It was with great joy, that we received the go ahead to ceramic coat all of his vehicles. Reason being is simple; there is no better chemical protection than Opticoat Pro and Opticoat Pro Plus. Optimum is [...]

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New Style of Interiors Require a Sensitive Touch!

Now days vehicle interiors have a lot of sensitive panels and more electronic buttons than ever...if you ever clean yourself, use a bit of Optimum No Rinse (10% concentrate 90% water) and a brand new microfibre. Mist the microfibre so there is no abrasiveness to the cloth. Most importantly, use a very a soft touch! [...]

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Regular Detailing

Detailing should be done once or twice a year especially with our climate. Road construction causes asphalt and tar to kick up on our doors, rocker panels and rims. If you do not remove this you are leaving your car susceptible to rust as our winter roads contain salt that bonds to the tar creating [...]

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Washing Your Ride

While washing your vehicle may seem straight forward, if not done properly scratched and other damage can occur. Here are some quick tips to properly keep your ride clean Use a touchless car wash as long as you can Use a microfibre wash mit when it gets too dirty for touchless Using Optimum No Rinse is the ideal [...]

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