Airport Pick Up & Drop Off

We are happy to announce a partnership with the Winnipeg Airport Authority and Valet and Away so that it makes it easier for you to get your vehicle to us if you are travelling at the time of your appointment. This is actually is a great scenario for both parties. We have more potential flexible time to do your vehicle, and you don’t need to find a ride or drop off your vehicle at our shop. It also shouldn’t inconvenience you for local travel as you should’t need your vehicle for the time you’re away!

Selected availability for last minute bookings. Please contact usĀ at least a week or two before your trip! There is no charge on our side for using this service, however depending on how long your storage at the airport is, you may be charged for their time. We will try and have your vehicle stored in our shop for as long as we can, before having to move it due to other customer’s bookings.