Bike Detailing

Maintaining and Protecting Your Motorcycle

We’ve done a variety of bike detailing. Whether it’s a quick maintenance wash, spot scuff and scratch removal, more significant paint correction and polishing, ceramic paint coatings or protective film; we’ve got you covered.

A popular option been installing our 10 year Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film on the front edge of the fenders, fearings as well as portions of the tank and bags. Ceramic paint coatings are also a great upgrade to protect what is usually very soft paint. The ceramics will give you a slightly harder paint surface as well added chemical and uv resistance while locking in that new glossy finish we’ve created with our polish process.

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  • A basic wheel cleaning is done with each detail. This does not include polishing. Wheel coatings are not part of the standard ceramic paint coating process but it is potentially available at an additional cost. Some wheels we may choose not to coat or polish depending on the style.
  • Usually tank PPF needs to be done in multiple pieces
  • Bike dismantling/re-assembly for better access may come at an additional cost.

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