Being the first and only Opticoat Pro installer in Central Canada means we have a vast knowledge base of the products they offer. These products are voc compliant, affordable, very safe to use, incredibly effective and very efficient.

We have proudly just become an Optimum distributor which means we have more available stock for the following products:

Optimum No Rinse – 32oz  – $40

Optimum No Rinse – 1 Gallon$140 – Save $20!

Optimum Glosscoat – Sio2 ceramic coating that lasts approximately 2-3 years – 10cc  for $100 or 20cc$180

Optimum Premium Large Waffle Weave Drying Towel – $30

Optimum Premium Plus Edgeless Microfibre 16×24$12

Optimum Big Red Sponge (softest wash sponge on the market) – $50