The following is an overview of why ONR is better and safer then soap will ever be.

Lubrication –  ONR lubricates through all phases of washing, washing with soap provides lubrication while the suds are on the paint, but then it gets rinsed off, and the drying process has no protection. Water is by definition a solvent, so with a soap wash you are trying to dry with a solvent that has high surface tension, ONR has a very low surface tension, and provides exceptional lubrication for all phases of the washing experience.

Precision – when using ONR you still see the paint, and you see if you have missed anything, unlike when a car is washed with suds, and you see those little 1/2 moons or triangles where a spot was missed. If you miss a spot with ONR you see it before drying.

Waste management – With soap (and other brands of rinseless washes) a 2 bucket method is needed to safeguard the paint. ONR is a very powerful water softener that drops all dirt out of suspension, dropping it out of harms way. If you wash with another product you will see that dirt floats in the wash solution, that is dirt you pick up and bring back to the paint with your wash media of choice. With ONR a single bucket is all that’s needed, plus you can use the same water to wash numerous vehicles, no need to change after every car.

Ease of use – ONR works well with all wash mediums(Sponge, Mitt, Micro fibre) and is fast and easy to use, no need for 2 buckets, wet bay, water reclaim. or other complicated items, just your washing media, 1 bucket and your drying media. Body Shop Safe- ONR unlike many car wash soaps and rinseless washes does not use silicones to give it a false or temporary feeling of slickness. ONR’s unique blend of polymers allows for safe and residue free washing in all environments.

Labour Savings – ONR reduces labour times considerably over traditional soap and water washing. Less time spent rinsing, less time washing. less time drying.

Water Savings – Less rinsing means less water use, no big explanation needed. The “No Rinse” aspect of ONR means no need to rinse after washing, if there is caked on dirt a pre-rinse is fine. The minimal water remaining on the surface isn’t enough to dilute the Optimum No Rinse(ONR) solution.

Versatility – ONR should be in every detailers tool box, at the standard 256/1 dilution ratio it can be used to wash exteriors, used to clean interiors, glass, in your steamer (reduces the need for cleaners, think of it as supercharging your steamer), for clay lube, not to mention around the house. At stronger dilutions it can be used as a waterless wash, waterless wash, and quick detail spray.

Economy – ONR is very economical to use, and can replace many chemicals in your inventory, added to the labour and resource savings ONR keeps you profitable. Looks- ONR adds a shine to paint by stripping it of dirt, ONR Wash and Wax add to that high grade carnauba to further protect and enhance your paint