The owner of this fine piece of art has had all of his cars cosmetically maintained by us. It was with great joy, that we received the go ahead to ceramic coat all of his vehicles. Reason being is simple; there is no better chemical protection than Opticoat Pro and Opticoat Pro Plus. Optimum is the only company to patent an SiC coating, which has been proven to be the most chemical resistant.

At Rebirth Automotive Detailing, we are very focused on the context of your vehicle. Is it a daily driver? Will it be driven all year? Never in the rain? What are your wash patterns and do you have available time to do proper soft washes? And more importantly, what risk does our weather pose on todays automotive paint. Our extreme heat in the summer can scorch bug and bird dropping acidity through your paint’s clear coat in under a day! Unkept paint can collect tar, brake dust and other contaminants that can only get worse over season changes with salt accelerating that detrimental spread. Opticoat Pro is warrantied against this type of damage. This coating also possesses hydrophobic water beading, which makes it easier to wash, gives fine swirl resistance if washed properly, and gives constant depth, gloss and shine for 5 years. Only maintenance needed will be tar removal and decontamination washes every 6-8 months.

With this vehicle having a matte finish; extreme caution needed to be exercised. There is no polishing or compounding a matte finish so prep and application of Opticoat Pro was done in a very careful manner. We also coated the pain black gloss black interior panels, applied OptiTrim Guard to the plastic trim around the exterior of the vehicle, as well as a ceramic glass coating on the roof.

Opticoat Pro requires a professional installation where legitimacy within the trade is confirmed and live training is required. We are central Canada’s only authorized and certified installer! Call, book online, or email for an appointment to protect your new vehicle or revive your current! #quality #trust #caution