Detailing should be done once or twice a year especially with our climate. Road construction causes asphalt and tar to kick up on our doors, rocker panels and rims. If you do not remove this you are leaving your car susceptible to rust as our winter roads contain salt that bonds to the tar creating a salt or iron deposit in your clear coat. This can eventually cause rust. The other factor in Winnipeg is our summer heat that can damage our clear coat. This is why paint sealants and coatings are crucial to protect from bird droppings/fallout/sap etc. Although if you ever do notice any of this sitting on your clear coat you need to wipe it off immediately with optimum no rinse, a biodegradable detailer spray, glass cleaner or go through a car wash as soon as possible. Sealant will help with creating a bond to help protect your paint but if damage is left sitting unattended in the sun it could very well break through the clear coat. This is also why a ceramic paint coating with chemical resistance is your best option for paint protection.

Paint coatings also lock in a polished look that you don’t need to upkeep. Stop paying for polishing and sealing every year and get a 2-7 year paint coating! More info here.

When it comes to interior, you may do some work as you see fit, but for the complete interior jobs give us a call to handle salt, dirt and coffee stains etc. Salt stains can build up rather quick into the base of the carpet to it is crucial to have this dealt with as soon as possible. Some thinner carpets are too sensitive to do more significant work on.

Engine detailing gives you a clear look for maintenance. You can read your labels better as well as a cleaner engine will be easier to identify any gasket leaks.

Brake dust is also detrimental to your wheels. The iron can deposit into the paint causing accelerated corrosion.